Shade Loving Crops

Shade loving plants are crops that needed little sunlight and can thrive well in shady environments. Such crops are Sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Lettuce, Spinach, Cauliflower,etc. There are some herbs that are shade tolerant too, we have them as Basils and mint plants.


Planting Season

April marks an important month for many people in agriculture most especially farmers. The farmers start the process of preparation for  planting. Nigeria has good soil and vast arable lands, let us utilize this God given natural resources prudently. This is the planting season we are waiting for. In all, there is a greater expectation for another planting season. We have great things to be thankful for and i hope you that you will join me this raining season to recount on those things that made us proud to be part of agriculture.

My Garden

My Garden is my favourite teacher. In the garden one tends to work very hard to ensure that the plant you are nurturing survive. The challenge lies with combination of environmental factors. Environmental factors such as favourable weather, good soil and availablility of water. In addition planting ornamental plants pays where there is much demand. One can’t plant in an enviroment where plant is not cherished or locate garden shop there.

Profitable Farming

Jovana farm had a seminar where it was stated that ‘If you’re not farming for
profit, we’d like to wish you well with your hobby’. An
interesting statement, but one that implies that profit is the
only measure of success for a Catfish farmer. Many catfish
farmers are very busy chasing profits without understanding
why. Are they chasing profit for profit’s sake? Farmers need
guidance regarding how much profit they need from their
business and for what purpose. For more info contact.

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Deep Rooted Plant: Seed Technique

A great, cost-effective and rewarding way to kick-
start your garden is to start your seeds indoors.
There are an abundance of successful methods for
starting seeds, but one clever, easy-to-do
technique is to use empty toilet paper rolls (or
paper towel rolls cut in half).
Using paper rolls to start your seeds is not only
great because it is free to do, but also the
cardboard is biodegradable, which means you can
directly place the tube in the soil when it is time
to transplant! This is a perfect option especially for
deep-rooted plants that do not typically like being
transplanted. Just cut slits in one end of the tube
to create flaps that you can fold over and secure
with tape, making the bottom of the container.
Then fill it with your desired seed-starting soil and
proceed as you would with any seed pot.

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