Growing Duckweed 

​Duckweed is a natural plant that grows in swampy area and ponds. Duckweeds are small, free-floating aquatic perennials that combine to form a green carpet on the surface of the water. It can also be grown indoors by collecting the plant and by putting it in water. Duckweed grows quickly in water. Duckweed serve as rich source of protein which is used for feeding fish and livestock.Duckweeds have been fed to animals and fish to complement diets, largely to provide a protein of high nutritional value. Fish production can be enhanced by feeding duckweed to increase yield  from a few hundred kilograms per hectare/year to 10 tonnes/ha/year.


Back To Tilapia Farming

Tilapia fish is mainly found in fresh water, ponds , lakes and sometimes brackish water. it originate from Africa and Middle -East. Many have been distributed across the world. Tilapia feeds on different kinds of aquatic weeds, zooplanktons, floating feeds, local feeds, azollas and duckweed. This means they are efficient feeders that can capture and process a wide variety of food items. Tilapia are bony fish and have scales. As a farmer i just wanted to raise Tilapia. Tilapia

Making Money from Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency system of digitally created and traded tokens to which value is given.In return, those computers receive bitcoins in a process known as bitcoin “mining”. Users have a bitcoin address, to which bitcoins may be sent or from which they may be used. Addresses are stored online in wallets that function like bank accounts.

I tried this throughout last week and it was mind blowing.

Most Bitcoin faucets give average of 100 to 15,000 satoshi on daily basis.
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Now to the steps;

1- Get a phone or a computer with Internet connection.

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Hydroponics Fodder System

Hydroponics fodder system is an effective solution for fodder scarcity and is a promising technology for sustainable livestock production. It can be made locally from Bamboo, wood and metal. It requires less area to setup the green house. More importantly hydroponics fodder is more nutritious than whole maize plant and other fodder cut grass. Green fodders produced by growing seeds without soil but in water or nutrients rich solutions are known as hydroponics green fodder. Hydroponic fodder is easily digestible, full of nutrients and enzymes which will enhance production and growth of livestock. It requires lesser space and produces highly nutritious fodder than soil farming.

Watermelon Cultivation

This is my first time of cultivating watermelon, though I have laid my hands on other crops. I started the land preparation in February of this year, and I planted on the 10th of April, on a 3 plots of land. I got the seed from a seed store in Ibadan. The name of the variety is Sugar Baby. The fruit matured earlier than I was expecting, I have some big watermelon and few small ones. Watermelon takes about 70 days to 90 days for it to mature before harvesting.sugarbabies